17 DIY Wedding Printables That Are Trendy, Easy, and FREE!


Here are 17 DIY wedding printables that are trendy, easy and free, from Wilkie: If you ask us, the more you can DIY – the better! Not only will it help you bring down the overall cost of your day, but it also allows for the opportunity to customize certain elements of your wedding. Lucky for […]

10 Beautiful DIY Indoor Planters


Here are 10 beautiful DIY indoor planters, from Top Inspired:  Planters can make an excellent decor in any room. Most of the time we think about regular pots as planters, but the truth is that with just a little bit of effort and creativity, you can come up with planters that everyone would ask you where did you get them […]

10 Gorgeous and Easy DIY Christmas Stocking Stuffers

Here are 10 gorgeous and easy DIY Christmas Stocking Stuffers, from Top Inspired:  In case you were wondering what to put into this year’s Christmas stockings, don’t worry – we got it covered for you. It’s all about homemade, small gifts that are budget – friendly, easy to come up with and both beautiful and practical at the same […]

10 Creative DIY Christmas Stockings

Here are 10 creative DIY Christmas Stockings, from Top Inspired: Christmas stockings play an important role when it comes to festive decorating of the house. However, instead of going for the same old red and white stockings, we suggest you create something more out of the box and come up with such creative and pretty stockings! In this […]

10 Creative DIY Shadow Box Ideas for Christmas

Here are 10 creative DIY shadow box ideas for Christmas, from Top Inspired:  Shadow boxes are one of the most popular Christmas decorations you can get. They look incredible and give out such warm, Christmas–y vibes to your home. The great thing about them is that you can even easily make your own! Creating shadow boxes at home is a fun, quick DIY project that won’t empty your pockets. […]

10 Dorm Room DIYs To Make Your Room Feel Homey

Here are 10 dorm room DIY’s to make your room feel homey, from Pretty Designs: Moving into a dorm room can be scary but is a great opportunity. It’s an entirely new room that you have a chance to decorate…obviously with some limits of course. Regardless, there are a lot of DIYs out there to make your room uniquely you […]