BHLDN’s Neo-Bohemian Wedding Dresses

  We present BHLDN’s Neo-Bohemian Wedding Dresses, from Wedding Inspirasi:  BHLDN’s latest bridal collection, “Oasis” features a fresh trend that marries contemporary cuts with eye-catching boho-chic inspired accents. They term it “neo-bohemian”; we’re calling it our favorite new style: “Shot in Marrakech, Morocco, BHLDN’s Oasis Collection features a new trend emerging for 2017 brides: neo-bohemian. […]

21 Trendy Mandala Tattoo Ideas for Women

  Check out these 21 trendy Mandala tattoo ideas, from Stay Glam:  Mandala tattoos have become the must have tattoo. These intricate tattoos feature circles and have a floral look. However the possibilities are endless in the designs an artist can create. The mandala is also a spiritual tattoo that is said to symbolize balance, […]

15 of Rihanna’s Long Hairdos Every Ladies Should See

Check out some of Rihanna’s long hairdos, from Long-Hairstyles: Rihanna is one of the most adored and inspiring celebrities around the world. She has adopted many different hairstyles from short pixies to trending bob haircuts and also long hairstyles. When she sports long hair she generally adopts super long hairstyles. She has changed her hair […]

16 More Really Cute Pixie Hairstyles

  Here are 16 more really cute pixie hairstyles, from Short-Hairstyles:  Pixie hairstyles offer many  advantages when compared to medium and long hairstyles. Whether worn in a well-styled bob hairstyle or one of these chic pixie hairstyles, many ladies are demonstrating quite effectively that you don’t need long hair to look and feel like a woman because a […]