7 Ridiculously Easy Makeup Tips That Will Simplify Your Life


Today we present 7 ridiculously easy makeup tips. Just as you select different outfits for different occasions, you also want to choose the right makeup for different occasions. Whether it’s for a day at the office, shopping with friends or a night on the town your makeup choice should be appropriate for the situation or […]

8 “No-Makeup” Tricks to Look Naturally Gorgeous


Today we present 8 “no-makeup” tricks to look naturally gorgeous, from Glam Radar:  Makeup is a great tool to enhance your natural beauty, but no one has to know you’re faking that glow. So, keep on reading for the 8 “no-makeup” tricks to look naturally gorgeous. 1. Start by Exfoliating. To give you that natural […]

6 Spring Beauty Trends to Master Now


Here are 6 spring beauty trends to master now, from Glam Radar: Only a few days left before spring and we’re spending them by looking up makeup trends that we can’t way to try and master. Of course, there will always be those trends from the past that will rise back up to the surface […]