12 Creative DIY Halloween Makeup Ideas


Here are 12 creative DIY Halloween makeup ideas, from Stay Glam:  Want Halloween makeup that you can create yourself at home? Then you need to check out our 12 creative DIY Halloween makeup ideas. There are designs for every level whether your new with makeup or are a pro. We have ideas for scary costumes, […]

10 Creepy Halloween Makeup Ideas

Here are 10 creepy Halloween makeup ideas, from Stay Glam:  Looking for scary Halloween makeup ideas? Then you’re in the right place! We have found 10 creepy Halloween makeup ideas. There are frightening looks to suit everyone from spooky skeletons to spine chilling ghosts and zombies. Have a look to get inspiration for your Halloween costume. […]

5 Tips on How to Pull Off Colorful Eyeshadow

Today we present 5 tips on how to pull off colorful eyeshadow, from Styles Weekly: Colorful eyeshadow makes a dramatic beauty statement. Brightly colored eyelids can be beautiful and you can create countless gorgeous looks with colorful eyeshadow. You have an entire rainbow of possibilities at your disposal, which is an exciting prospect for courageous beauty lovers […]

How to Pull Off White Makeup Accents

Here’s how to pull off white makeup accents, from Pretty Designs:  When you think of makeup, you probably naturally think of color. Buying white makeup might seem like choosing the white crayon from a sixty-four-pack of Crayolas: utterly pointless. However, white makeup accents can actually help brighten and define your features for a smooth and flawless […]