23 Amazing Dream Catcher Tattoo Ideas


Here are 23 amazing dream catcher tattoo ideas, from Stay Glam:  Dream catchers are a symbol of protection and safety. They are believed to protect people from bad dreams and spirits. Not only are dream catchers popular in the home but many choose to have a dream catcher tattoo. A dream catcher tattoo is believed to […]

Rock Your Medusa Piercing with Style and Confidence

Rock your Medusa piercing with style and confidence, from Tattoo Easily:  Lip piercings can be both fun and interesting, however the Medusa piercing is one that many individuals are opting for since it creates such a simple addition to accent the lips. Many individuals say that the lips are one of the sexiest parts of the […]

23 Emotional Memorial Tattoos to Honor Loved Ones

Here are 23 emotional memorial tattoos to honor loved ones, from Stay Glam:  Memorial tattoos are a unique and personal way to pay tribute to someone special who is no longer here. For many, tattoos are way to show off their style, but tattoos can also express feelings. A tattoo can help keep memories alive long after […]

21 Amazing Star Tattoos and Ideas

Here are 21 amazing star tattoos and ideas, from Stay Glam:  Stars are one of the most popular tattoo designs. There are so many styles and meanings so every tattoo is unique. We love star tattoos and think you will too, so we have found 21 of the best star tattoo designs. From simple outlines to vibrant […]

20 Gladiolus Flower Tattoo Ideas

Here are 20 gladiolus flower tattoo ideas, from Flower Tattoo Ideas:  Gladiolus Tattoo Meaning Flower tattoos are kinda popular between people around the world. Gladiolus tattoo is one of the most appreciated, fantastic and floral tattoos. These tats differ by the meaning and place of tattoo location. Color and design have its own meaning to each […]

10 Fresh Chrysanthemum Tattoos

Here are 10 fresh chrysanthemum tattoos, from Flower Tattoo Ideas:  Chrysanthemum is one of the most mystical florets, its season is autumn with highly visible yellow tints of autumn gardens and parks. Chrysanthemum, not for nothing is recognized queen of autumn colors, as from the Greek language, the blossom is interpreted “Golden Floret”. This floret rightfully […]