10 Tasty Vegan Cauliflower Recipes

Here are 10 vegan cauliflower recipes, from Top Inspired:  Cauliflower is one of the world’s healthiest foods thanks to the many health benefits that it has, starting from fueling our body with vitamins and minerals, to boosting heart health and fighting cancer. On top of it all – it tastes so good! Luckily for us, cauliflowers can be easily […]

10 Beef Brisket Recipes

Here are 10 beef brisket recipes, from Top Inspired:  Perhaps beef brisket is not the most tender cut of beef but braised or slowly roasted, results in a lovely tender and satisfying meat with incredible flavor. Beef brisket also works wonderfully with other flavors such as red wine and mushrooms or even some spicy Asian curries. It might take a long time […]

10 Vegan Recipes For Thai Food Lovers

Here are 10 vegan recipes for Thai food lovers, from Top Inspired: Thai cuisine is one of the most popular and there is a good reason why – it is full of delicious recipes that contain many ingredients, but most often chilies, shrimp, fried rice, lime juice and garlic. What makes this cuisine so special is the spiciness! If you […]

10 Christmas Party Appetizers

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27 Mouth-Watering Winter Wedding Appetizers

Here are 27 mouth-watering winter wedding appetizers, from Weddingomania: The winter wedding season is almost on, and you haven’t chosen the menu yet? No worries, it’s not very difficult: winter food should be comforting and nutritious as it may be cold and such weather makes people feel hungrier than usual. Hot appetizers and just food are […]

10 Delicious Candy Cane Desserts to Prepare for Christmas

Here are 10 delicious candy cane desserts to prepare for Christmas, from Top Inspired:  The candy cane is one of the most beloved Christmas treats. It is used in plenty of dessert recipes not only because of the way it tastes, but because of the way it looks as well – let’s admit it, seeing candy cane reminds […]