5 Ways to Upgrade Your Everyday Jeans


Here are 5 ways to upgrade your everyday jeans, from Glam Radar:  If there’s one thing you can count on to see in anyone’s closet, it’s jeans. Jeans are perhaps one of, if not the most, versatile piece of clothing that anyone can have (and the most comfortable, too). The only downside to them, though, is […]

15 More 2018 Short Hair Ideas


Here are 15 more 2018 short hair ideas, from Fashion Trend Seeker:  2018 Short Hair Ideas. Many people might say that with short hair comes boring hairstyles, but as always there’s more than meets the eye! Short hair can be so much fun with options to wear your hair in a variety of different ways. From […]

Berta Fall 2018 Wedding Dresses


Here are Berta Fall 2018 Wedding Dresses, from Wedding Inspirasi: The magic of Berta’s design meets the charm of Seville in this incredible, hot off the press campaign from the bridal house. The gorgeous Fall 2018 wedding dresses have been on our mind ever since we sneaked a peak of Berta’s New York Bridal Week presentation in October. […]

10 Christmas Party Appetizers


Here are 10 Christmas Party appetizers, from Top Inspired: Hosting Christmas parties means plenty of food to serve on the table! This isn’t an easy task, especially when it means cooking for more people. If you have no idea about what to prepare this year, then we got it covered for you. In this article you can see […]

21 Stylish Outfit Ideas for Christmas


Here are 21 stylish outfit ideas for Christmas, from Stay Glam:  Christmas is a holiday that is full of gifts, food, parties and more. As it is a special time of year make the most of it and dress for the occasion. You are going to be socializing a lot and maybe even attending a Christmas […]

23 Popular Mother – Daughter Tattoos


Here are 23 popular mother-daughter tattoos, from Stay Glam: Usually a tattoo design is chosen because it has a special meaning behind it. It can be a memory, favorite song and more. A theme that has become very popular is mother and daughter tattoos. These designs symbolize the special bond that a parent and child share. […]