8 “No-Makeup” Tricks to Look Naturally Gorgeous


Today we present 8 “no-makeup” tricks to look naturally gorgeous, from Glam Radar:  Makeup is a great tool to enhance your natural beauty, but no one has to know you’re faking that glow. So, keep on reading for the 8 “no-makeup” tricks to look naturally gorgeous. 1. Start by Exfoliating. To give you that natural […]

7 Ideas for How to Throw a Cinco de Mayo-Themed Bachelorette Fiesta


With Cinco de Mayo just a few days away, we are re-posting our very popular article about how to throw a Cinco de Mayo-themed Bachelorette Fiesta. For many people, celebrating Cinco de Mayo means partying with some tasty Mexican food, washed down with a fine Mexican beer or some tequila or margaritas. Contrary to popular […]

16 Super Sexy Ideas for Short Hair


Today we present 16 super sexy ideas for short hair, from Short-Hairstyles:  If you can’t decide between long hair and short hairstyle, these  Super Sexy Ideas for Short Hair will definitely solve your dilemma! Short hairstyles are everywhere and extremely on trend! When you need to refresh your style you need to add some special modern […]