Stylish Head Gear for Fall and Winter


The brisk wind and cooler temperatures of fall are almost here, followed by the often bitter cold of winter. During these colder months you definitely want to keep your head warm. But you want to remain stylish and fashionable as well! To help you remain cozy yet stylish while it’s cold outside, we have collected […]

12 Disney-Inspired Wedding Cakes That Will Make You The Happiest Person On Earth


Wedding cakes come in several types, such as traditional wedding cakes, wedding cakes based on flavor, smaller cakes or individual cakes, frosted cakes, and cupcakes. Traditional wedding cakes are white, including decoration and icing varieties such as buttercream, almond. etc. Wedding cakes based on flavor include chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry. Smaller cakes or individual cakes […]

10 Trendy Layered Short Haircut Ideas – ‘Extra Special’ Inspiration


Today we present 10 trendy layered short haircut ideas, from PoPular Haircuts: My theme for this cute gallery of layered short haircuts is styles and colors that really are extra-special! These hair designs have new and attractive hair-color combos that nobody has seen before!  Most of these short haircuts display excellent taste in muted shades, enhanced by […]

10 Jaw-Dropping Flower Walls For Any Occasion


Here are 10 jaw-dropping flower walls for any occasion, from Wilkie:  Can you think of anything more beautiful than a wall full of flowers? Whether they’re paper flowers, stencil, or the real deal – flower walls have become a wedding trend we hope to never see go out of style. Not only are these blooming […]