25 Gorgeously Long Curly Hairstyles


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32 Gorgeous Wedding Chair Ideas


One of the details that you can focus on that will add a touch of panache to your wedding planning is wedding chair decor and embellishments. Creative wedding chair ideas include floral garlands, lush greens and ribbons. We featured some great wedding chair decor ideas in our post How To: Embellish Your Wedding Chairs. Here are 32 more […]

5 Tips on How to Pull Off Colorful Eyeshadow


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5 Fun Ways to Sport the Half Top Knot as Your Wedding Hairstyle


Here are 5 fun ways to sport the half top knot as your wedding hairstyle, reblogged from the knot:  Five fun ways to sport the ‘do that has taken the red carpet and social media by storm. By Sophie Burton PHOTO BY FROM LEFT: SHUTTERSTOCK, MICHAEL KOVAC/GETTY IMAGES, SHUTTERSTOCK   Traditional wedding-worthy hairstyles often require […]

15 Rihanna Pixie Hairstyles


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